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Laser Spares Depot, LLC., was established to service and support the rapidly expanding use of parts and consumables, in a wide range of industries throughout North and South America.

Laser Spares Depot supplies its customers with Laser Lenses, Mirrors, YAG Rods, Arc, Trumpf and Flash Lamps, Q-Switches, Flow Tubes, Particle Filters and Deionization Cartridges amongst other products for over 200 laser systems. Our overall product range covers a wide variety of technologies and applications, including lamp and diode pumped solid-state laser systems designed and developed primarily for OEM's and system integrators.

Laser Spares Depot's customers range from industrial, diamond, jewelry and the medical communities as well as the scientific community. Our support staff works closely with our customers to be sure that their needs and expectations are met and to ensure our customer's satisfaction.

Please take a moment to contact us and tell us what your needs are. We look forward to helping you with your requests.



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